ISPA Committees, Task Force and Interest Groups (CTFIG) at ISPA 2021

Chairs/Co-Chairs who wish to schedule an Annual Meeting of their Committee/Group during ISPA 2021 WILL NEED TO SUBMIT A REQUEST FOR A TIME SLOT in the program BY APRIL 30th 2021 through the on-line submissions system especially dedicated to Committee meetings.


EasyAcademia account required prior to submitting

You will be requested to provide a Submission Title (e.g. Annual Meeting of the Accreditation Committee (Open Meeting), the name, email and affiliation of the Contributors/Organizers (i.e. Chair and Co-Chair). Note – Meetings are usually open to all conference attendees (unless otherwise clearly indicated in parenthesis “BY INVITATION ONLY”).

Once the request for a time slot is received through the on-line system, the ISPA 2021 Secretariat will contact you via email to clarify room capacity and other details.

In the program book, the time and place of the each planned Annual Committee Meeting will be announced. Committee meetings will be scheduled as 60-90 minutes sessions facilitated by the Chair/Co-Chair of the group.

Once the details of the meeting are announced in the weeks prior to the conference, Chairs can invite committee members by email or otherwise to these.

ISPA Committee Meetings Submission Steps

Submission types: Time slot requests for ISPA Committees, Task Forces, Working  Groups

Create Account

Create an “Easy Academia” account

Verify e-mail

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Start Submission

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If you already have an account with EasyAcademia, you can click the following link to visit the ISPA2021 Committee Meetings submission dashboard directly:


+357 22 591 900