Additional Guidelines for ISPA 2021 Presenters and Session Coordinators

Online platform: Zoom

The conference will be conducted in a hybrid format using Zoom. Having a Zoom account is a prerequisite! Prior to joining a demo room (please see email for information) or the conference rooms, please ensure that you have created a Zoom account, and installed the Zoom application on your device. Create a Zoom account here:

The Zoom application will ask to be installed the first time you join a Zoom meeting; you can also download the Zoom Client for Meetings manually if you wish here:

Instructions to Presenters in the Live program

The live program includes symposia, workshops, round table discussions, committee meetings etc. Please note that Live sessions last 60 minutes. For those presenting a symposium paper, please make sure that your talk does not exceed 15 minutes.

Note: Paper and poster presentations are not part of the live program and are uploaded on the on-demand platform

If you are presenting remotely:

    • Make sure your internet connection is strong and stable. You can test your equipment (connection, microphone etc.) using one of the demo rooms (more information will follow).
    • You will need to be online at least 10 minutes before your presentation or meeting.
    • You are kindly asked to turn on your web camera during your presentation and Q&A for better interaction with the attendees.
    • If you have a file (e.g. PowerPoint or pdf file) to share during your presentation, you will need to use the “Share Screen” function in Zoom (see below).
    • The session chair/coordinator and the presenter will moderate any questions during the live zoom session. Participants may raise their virtual hand and address the question once the chair gives them the floor, or can enter a question in the Zoom “Chat”.

If you are presenting onsite at the University of Cyprus:

    • The physical rooms will be fully equipped with a computer, a camera, and speakers.
    • Please come to the room you are presenting at least 10 minutes before your scheduled session and kindly wait outside the room until the prior session is over.
    • Presenters are asked to bring their presentation on a USB. A volunteer will help you transfer your file to the  computer prior to the start of the session. We are unable to accept presentations on personal laptops given the technical complication of the equipement and zoom.
    • Presentation Format: PowerPoint Presentation / Keynote / PDF format should be set to either 4:3 or 16:9 ratio.

Instructions to Coordinators/Chairs of Symposia, Round Tables, Workshops in the Live program

Whether onsite or remotely, each Symposium, Round Table Discussion, or Workshop has a Coordinator or Chair of the session. For a trouble-free experience of your session, please:

    • Enter the virtual session room (and the physical room if onsite) 10 minutes before the scheduled time of the session.
    • Make sure that all presenters in the session are present and check that you can communicate via Zoom and their cameras and microphones. Please note that using more than one screens, often creates sound issues.
    • If presenters have a presentation file to share during their talk, please make sure when each presenter begins, and ends sharing.
    • Coordinators and Chairs are responsible for the prompt beginning and closing of the 1-hour sessions. In case there are multiple presentations, e.g. in Symposia, please make sure that each individual presentation does not exceed 15 minutes, such that there is some time for Q and A at the end of the session.

Sharing your screen

Whether you are presenting remotely or onsite, to share your presentation with the session attendees, you will need to first open the presentation file on your device. When ready (and prompted by the session chair), click the green Share screen button in the Zoom controls.

When you click Share Screen, a window will pop up (sample image below) asking you what to share with others; locate the e.g. PowerPoint window where your presentation is open, and click Share on the bottom right.

In the case you cannot see PowerPoint (for example you may have a lot of windows open on your device), click on Show All windows on the right side to expand the list. You can then scroll down to find the correct application.

If you will be playing back a pre-recorded presentation or video during your live presentation, please ensure that you click on the two options at the bottom left (Share Computer Sound and Optimize Screen Sharing for Video). You can then select the video player application and click on Share on the bottom right.


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