Workshop 6


Date: 13 Jul, 2021
Time: 18:00 (CEST+1, UTC+3, GMT+3)

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Workshop Title: Supervision as life- long professional development in school psychology


Sharone L. Maital, Ph.D., Supervisor and senior school psychologist, Private practice. Retired lecturer in Departments of Educational Psychology and Counseling, Jezreel Valley Academic College and University of Haifa, Retired deputy head psychologist, Northern Region, Educational Psychology Division, Israel Ministry of Education.

Reuvena Shalhevet- Kaniel, M.A., Supervisor and senior school psychologist. Adjunct lecturer, Departments of Educational Psychology and Counseling, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Workshop description:

In recent years there has been increasing attention to the need for supervision specific to school psychology.  Supervision involves an ongoing “collaborative process,” between more senior school psychologists and less experienced supervisees (NASP, 2004). Supervision is increasingly recognized as a core training practice, essential both at early career stages, and as a means of ensuring continuing professional development and quality of psychological services within educational settings. The complexity of our profession, new developments and evidence, and ongoing social and cultural change require ongoing professional development throughout one’s career.

This workshop will focus on defining supervision as a distinct practice within school psychology. We will consider different approaches to supervision that relate to the varied needs of school psychologists at different career stages and in different cultural contexts. Until recently, supervision practices have been based on clinical approaches.  Some differentiate humanistic/artistic; didactic/ technical; and developmental/reflective approaches (Pajack, 2002). The common core supervision competencies proposed by APA (2015) are certainly relevant. Recently, Simon & Swerdlik (2017) presented a comprehensive, developmental, ecological and problem-solving (DEP) model of supervision specific to school psychology.

Our workshop will address questions concerning supervision practices in different countries and what constitutes competent supervision for school psychologists. What specific skills are required and how do cultural influences affect supervision practices? How can we assess the effectiveness of supervision practices, from the perspectives of the supervisee, the supervisor, and those receiving services? Throughout the workshop, we will discuss ethical dilemmas and guidelines specific to supervision.

Learning objectives:

  • Participants will understand and appreciate:
    • Distinct aspects of supervision in school psychology practice and commonalities with other helping professions, as well as differences and similarities in different cultural contexts.
    • The importance and the need for supervision over the course of one’s career in school psychology and at different career levels.
    • Dilemmas and suitable responses to issues in multicultural supervision settings.
  • Participants will become familiar with key supervision practices and competencies through consideration of cases and role play and will discuss possible ways to assess the effectiveness of supervision.
  • Participants will have an opportunity to discuss ethical dilemmas that arise in the practice of supervision.


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Brief Bios:

Dr. Sharona Maital is a supervisor and senior educational psychologist in Israel where she lives and works. She recently retired from her post as Deputy Head Psychologist of the Northern Region of the Israel Educational Psychology Services and from lecturing at Jezreel Valley College and in the Faculty of Education at Haifa University.  She continues to supervise and train school psychologists in the field, focusing on consultation, conducts training workshops and serves as a school psychology division representative on the national board of the Israel Psychological Association.  She has written articles on an eco-systemic approach to consultation, Internet based services, and multicultural approaches to consultation and recently co-edited the Israeli Handbook of School Psychology in Hebrew together with Reuvena Shalhevet Kaniel

Reuvena Shalhevet – Kaniel is a supervisor and senior educational psychologist in Israel where she lives and works. She lectures on learning disabilities and attention difficulties to advanced master’s level students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the departments of educational psychology and counseling. She is the retired director of the Educational Psychology Services of Jerusalem and recently retired from her post as the founding director of the School for Advanced Studies in School Psychology in Israel, which provides post-graduate, in-service courses for educational psychologists throughout the country.   Recently she co-edited the Israeli Handbook of School psychology in Hebrew together with Sharone L. Maital.


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