All pre-recorded videos for paper presentations and uploaded posters will be available on the on demand conference platform on July 13th 2021.


PAPER SESSION 1: School-wide Interventions and Systems Change

Systemic change and implementation science: Challenges and possibilities of SWPBS
Charalambos Vrasidas
, Vicky Charalambous, Eliza Theofanous, Elena Papamichael, Pavlina Hadjitheodoulou Loizidou

Leading Positive CBT: Positive Education Programs based on CBT practices in public multicultural schools: A  school-wide intervention
Dalia Alony

Keeping our Children Safe: School-Based Prevention and Intervention Strategies to Combat Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
Alejandra Vargas
, Eric Izzo

S.O.S program: an Italian intervention to support the parental function within school context
Carolina Facci,
Andrea Baroncelli, Matilde Sanesi, Maurizio Tempestini, Donatella Giovannetti, Enrica CiuccI

School Psychologists Role in Transforming School Systems to Learning Organizations
Tamar Zohar Harel


PAPER SESSION 2: Classroom-based Interventions and Assessment

The Role of Providing Peer Feedback on Developing Primary School Pupils’ Argumentation Skills
Dora Tzialli
, Kalypso Iordanou, Lynda Holyoak

Teachers’ supportive error handling strategies lead to a more positive error climate in classroom
Annalisa Soncini,  Maria Cristina Matteucci

Translating and Validating the Classroom Strategy Assessment System for Greek Classrooms
Maria Poulou
, Linda Reddy, Chris Dudek

Promoting Self-regulation Through Musical play in the School Classroom
Antonia Zachariou


PAPER SESSION 3: Positive School Climate Against Bullying

Bullying and body image in young patients with acne, psoriasis and eczema
Charalambos Costeris
, Yianna Ioannou, Maria Petridou

Students’ Social Cognitions and Perceptions of Teacher Responses to Bullying Incidents
Karlien Demol
, Karine Verschueren, Christina Salmivalli, Hilde Colpin

Role of Child-Parent and Child-Teacher Relationship in Child’s Involvement in Bullying in Elementary School 
Visvaldas Legkauskas
, Šarūnė Magelinskaitė-Legkauskienė

The importance of teacher-student relationships for peer bullying and victimization: A multilevel meta-analysis
Isabel ten Bokkel
, Hilde Colpin,Debora Roorda, Marlies Maes, Karine Verschueren

Tackling school bullying: witnesses and school community to take action
Tina Stahel,
Zoe Moody, Sophie Amez-Droz, Lirija Namani

Dealing with the Day-To-Day: Harnessing School Climate to Reduce the Effects of Non-Fatal Victimization and Maladaptive Behavior on Academic Performance
Matthew Cuellar
, Samantha Coyle, Karly Weinreb

The cross national implementation of ViSC Program: The case of Cyprus
Olga Solomontos-Kountouri,
Dagmar Strohmeier

Understanding the Role of School Security on School Climate and Achievement in Inner City Schools 
Samantha Coyle,
Matthew Cuellar


PAPER SESSION 4: Supporting Educators to Respond to Students’ Needs

Students with learning difficulties and integration of ICT: Teachers' mindset and sense of self-efficacy
Panagiota Dimitropoulou
, Eleni Milona

Preservice Teachers’ Mindsets
Thomzonke Zungu

Teachers’ beliefs about social and emotional learning: focus-group study in Russia
Alena Kulikova, Tatjana Kanonire, Ekaterina Orel, Anastasia Petrakova

Teacher Job Satisfaction and Occupational Stress: a strong reverse relationship?
Olga Kofa
, Alexandros-Stamatios Antoniou

The design and implementation of a program to enhance teachers’ wellbeing
Vicky Charalambous
, Anastassios Stalikas, Charalambos Vrasidas

Resilient preschools: Building early childhood teachers capacity for positive education
Vicky Charalambous
, Panayiotis Kosmas, Charalambos Vrasidas, Georgia Karaoli, Maria Eracleous, Pavlina Hadjitheodoulou Loizidou, Elena Papamichael, Christiana Stavrou


PAPER SESSION 5: The role of parents in supporting children's outcomes

Taking the systemic approach a step further “Parents supporting Parents” – workshops for Parents/ guardians
Polina Themistokleous,
Christina Ioannou

An pilot trial of school-delivered Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with teacher participation for young children with disruptive behaviour problems
Georgette Fleming
, Eva Kimonis

Parents that Spend Too Much Time Online: Examining Child Outcomes and Implications for School-Based Practices
Lito Eleni Michalopoulou
, Brandon Balotti, Kyle Hawkey, Daniel Perkins

Parenting Stress in Parents of Children with Disabilities: A cross cultural examination  in three Arab Countries
Mahmoud Emam

Parental Health Status and Adolescents’ Psychological Distress
Cliff Yung-Chi Chen


PAPER SESSION 6: Mental Health Promotion for Children and Youth

A systematic review of higher education students' experiences of engaging with online therapy
Claire Wyatt

Treatment Responses among Youth with Anxiety Disorders and Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors in a Clinic Sample
Katrina Scarimbolo
, Kathy Bradley-Klug, John Ferron, Joshua Nadeau

Aggression and mental health among Russian adolescents in probation schools
Irina Volkova
, Sergey Malykh

Building successful collaborations : A systematic review of expert recommendations for school reintegration after psychiatric discharge
Anne-Marie Tougas
, Karissa Leduc, Andrée-Anne Houle

Toward a comprehensive, school and family-based substance use preventative intervention for children and youth with trauma histories
Suzanne Bamonto
, Lindsay Schenkel

Fostering Resilience in Children and Adolescents Following Developmental Trauma
Lindsey Jaber,
Cory Saunders


PAPER SESSION 7: Ethical Dilemmas in Working with Children and Youth

Consent and Confidentiality: Exploring the ethical challenges of working with young people
Zoe Morris
, Nicholas Gamble

"I must worry about everyone": How school counselors cope with suicide attempts among adolescents—a qualitative study
Inbar Levkovich

Gender and age differences on adolescents’ neutral and problematic photo disclosure on social networking sites
Ugnė Paluckaitė
, Kristina Žardeckaitė-Matulaitienė

Conceptions of lying, justice and court in children
Maria José D. Martins
, Ana Margarida Veiga  Simão, Beatriz Estevão, Magda Roberto

Efficacy of teleconsultation as compared to in-person consultation in the delivery of school psychological services: A rapid systematic evidence review
Alexa von Hagen
, Gerhard Büttner, Bettina Müller, Anna Sedlak

Ethical issues in working with families for enhanced child outcomes: A cross-disciplinary, international perspective from Cyprus and the United States
Mary (Rina) Chittooran
, Stella Danou


PAPER SESSION 8: Psychosocial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Possible Impact of COVID-19 Confinement Measures on Children and Adolescents
Evangelia Tentolouri,
Timothy C. Papadopoulos

“Resilience-kit” for families and children in quarantine: An example for the promotion of community resilience during the covid-19 pandemic
Reut Rozenblat,
Neta Sharabi,Natalie Ben-shlomo,Sharon Dreyfuss-Hanan,Cheftzy Uzan

Supporting Parents and Caregivers during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Robyn Bratica

Online education, pandemics and depression/anxiety in Russian schoolchildren
Irina Volkova
, Victoria Ismatullina, Ekaterina Maslennikova, Maria Sitnikova, Sergey Malykh, Marina Lobaskova, Alena Devyaterikova

Teachers’ perceptions of psychosocial and educational needs in school communities during the first outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece
Niki Georgakakou-Koutsonikou
, Aikaterini Lampropoulou, Georgios Georgouleas, Theodora Yfanti, Chryse Hatzichristou, Panagiotis Lianos

Collaborative action research in Educational Psychology emergency service: Strengthening the sense of parenting competence
Shimona Grodzin Ceasary,
Yan Serdtse


PAPER SESSION 9: Promoting Wellness and Wellbeing (A)

Individual and school factors affecting children’s well-being
Krisztián Széll
, Péter Róbert,Lilla Szabó

Best Practice in Delivering Wellbeing Promotion to Post-Primary Students: Educators’ Perspectives
David Byrne,
Aiden Carthy

Children’s rights and wellbeing on the way to and from school
Sara Camponovo
, Zoe Moody, Frédéric Darbellay, Philip D. Jaffé

Promote teachers and students’ wellbeing by MEforYOU program
Enrica Ciucci
, Andrea Baroncelli, Carolina Facci

Picture my school for my well-being: Listening to students’ voices at secondary schools in Bangladesh
Saira Hossain


PAPER SESSION 10: Promoting Wellness and Wellbeing (B)

Prevalence, developmental trajectory and predictors of music performance anxiety in adolescent learners
Ioulia Papageorgi

Children online: prevention by school teachers, parents and friends
Grigutyte, Saule Raiziene, Auguste Nomeikaite, Vilmante Pakalniskiene

How traditional and game-based education improve children‘s road safety knowledge: the role of cognitive abilities
Laura Šeibokaitė
, Auksė Endriulaitienė, Rasa Markšaitytė, Justa Arlauskaitė

UNIC MENTOR Program: An investigation of the impact of participating in a mentoring program for children and mentors
Andri Anastasiou
, Katerina Georgaki, Ioulia Papageorgi

I Am Here: Investigating the Impact of a First Year Seminar on Belonging and Retention in LGBTQ College Students
Erika Schmitt
, Rajeeb Das

Promoting Wellness and Mental Health among Transgender and Gender-nonconforming Youth through Research and Clinical Practice
Charalambos Costeris, Omar Martinez


PAPER SESSION 11: Social Emotional Development in Children and Youth

Formation of prejudice and subgroup identification: The role of cognitive development and in-group and intergroup relations in children and  adolescents
Marios Kyriakidis

Adolescents’ perceptions of Friendship and Sense of Loneliness: exploring the role of individual factors
Panayiotis Lianos
, Aikaterini Lampropoulou, Chryse Hatzichristou, Georgios Georgouleas

Help a Sista Out: Using Peer Strategies to Increase Social Skills for African American Youth
Caitlyn Chambers
, Gabrielle Hicks, Kisha Radliff, Antoinette Miranda, Kristyn Goodwin

Promoting Resilience in Displaced Youth Through Meaningful Participation
Eirini Adamopoulou
, Manolis Adamakis, Aspasia Dania

The positive impact of School Connectedness: The importance of different subtypes of school connectedness across time
Maria Symeou
, Alexandros Lordos, Marian Machlouzarides, Alexander Guest

Affective and cognitive engagement in early adolescence
Lilla Szabó
, Anikó Zsolnai, Anikó Fehérvári

How to co-regulate children’s emotions? An examination of teacher-child  emotion dialogues in special education
Jantine L. Spilt,
Guy Bosmans, Karine Verschueren


PAPER SESSION 12: Measurement and Assessment

National Formative Assessment Towards Educational Equity
Alexandra Petridou, Yiasemina Karagiorgi, Maria Anthimou, Irene Kleanthous

Self-ratings of cognitive effort: An fMRI study
Alexios Kouzalis
, Ksenia Konopkina, Marie Arsalidou

Standardization of the Das-Naglieri Cognitive Assessment System (DN-CAS) in a Normative Greek Sample
Timothy C. Papadopoulos
, Evgenia-Peristera Kouki, George Georgiou,Panayiota Kendeou, George Spanoudis,

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition (WISC-V) and Reading Achievement
Esther Stavrou,
Rachel Ribakove

No one fit for all: Different profiles of academic, interpersonal, and motivational school functioning among 8th grade students
Rasa Erentaitė,
Daiva Sevalneva, Eglė Melnikė, Pranas Gudynas


PAPER SESSION 13: Reading and Learning Difficulties

Experiencing the Child with Learning Difficulties
Angela Charalambous

Computer-Based Early Reading Remediation for Struggling Readers
Anna Arailoudi,
Andriana Mytides, George K. Georgiou, Christoforos Christoforou, George Papadopoulos, Ulla Richardson, Timothy Papadopoulos

Language development in hearing impaired children with cochlear implants and hearing aids in Cyprus
Elena Yiangou
, George Spanoudis

Reading performance in English as a Foreign Language and motivation of LD students
Diamanto Filippatou, Evangelia Bezevegki


PAPER SESSION 14: Correlates of Academic Achievement and Learning

Young Children's Self-Regulated Learning
Eleonora Papaleontiou-Louca

The role of motivation variables in predicting mathematics performance
Michalis Michaelides
, Gavin Brown, Hanna Eklöf, Elena Papanastasiou

A Study on the Pathways of Social Comparison and Achievement Goals  to Academic Grades among South Korean High School Students
Heejung Chun

Scenario and Traditional Scale Comparison in Measuring Learning Motivation Towards Mathematics
Leonid Parmaksiz,
Tatjana Kanonire

Executive Functions and Mathematical Achievement: Insights from Development and Individual Differences
Tobias Kahl
, Alexander Grob,Robin Segerer, Wenke Möhring

Grit and academic engagement in Math and Science among high school students in Hong Kong, mainland China, and the Philippines
Jesus Alfonso Datu
, Lan Yang, Nino Jose Mateo


PAPER SESSION 15: Methodological Issues in Research Practice

When an RCT shows intervention fail: Using IPE to understand the complexity
Garry Squires

Children and young people’s experiences and perceptions of completing mental health measures for research
Emma Ashworth
, Ola Demkowicz

Decolonizing School Psychology Research: A systematic comparison of International and US-Based research practices
Stephanie D'Costa
, Stephanie Grant, Patrice Leverett

School Psychology in the Arab World: An Examination of Publication Trends and Research Practices of Arab Scholars
Rahma Hida,
John Begeny


PAPER SESSION 16: Training Issues in School Psychology

Characteristics, training, practices, and challenges of school psychologists in Italy
Maria Cristina Matteucci,
Annalisa Soncini, Francesca Floris, Stephen D. Truscott

Supervising and Supporting the Next Generation of School Psychologists in Cyprus – Lessons Learned
Christina Ioannou

Cultivating a Self-Care Culture in Graduate Training and Practice
Stephanie Corcoran



POSTER SESSION 1: Assessment and Evaluation

Placing the focus on the setting! Defining Social Anxiety subtypes in Greek-Cypriot adolescents
Markos Apostolakis
, Marios Theodorou, Klavdia Neophytou, Georgia Panayiotou

Are We Effectively Improving Student Outcomes?: Examining MTSS Implementation Fidelity and Student Achievement
Mihya Weber, Tameisha Hinton, Shane R. Jimerson

Exploring the association between parenting and callous-unemotional traits in a sample of children with atypical development
Carolina Facci
, Enrica Ciucci, Andrea Baroncelli, Michela Panizzon, Simona Teatini

Assessing the quality of parent-teacher relationships for students with ASD: psychometric properties of a parent- and teacher-report measure
Lana Andoni
Narmene Hamsho, Abbey Eisenhower, Jan Blacher,Narmene  Hamsho,Abbey Eisenhower, Jan Blacher

The effect of teachers’ behavior and student motivation on TIMSS mathematics performance
Militsa Ivanova
, Michalis Michaelides

Building teacher-child relationships: how competent do preservice teachers feel?
Liedewij Borremans,
Jantine L. Spilt

Psychometric Properties of the Classroom Observation of Engagement, Disruptive, and Disrespectful Behavior (COEDD) in Greek School Children
Amy Briesch
, Christina Roussi-Vergou, Eleni Didaskalou, Robert Volpe

Is there a difference between 16-17 year old student’s intellectual abilities?
Jurga Misiuniene
, Odeta Sakenaite

Deep Neural Networks as Simulation Tools: Practical Ramifications for Future Clinical Research
Andreas Savva
, George Spanoudis

Developmental dyscalculia: A study on the relationship between executive functions and mathematical skills
Claudio Tonzar
, Edoardo Virgili, Sara Laghi

Reliability and Validity of the Nicosia Verbal Learning Test
Anastasia Georgiou
, Fofi Constantinidou

The Nicosia Everyday Memory Questionnaire (N-EMQ): Reliability and Validity of the Everyday Memory Questionnaire-Revised (EMQ-R)
Maria Prastiti
, Fofi Constantinidou

A validation study on a Self-Compassion Scale (SCS) in Greek-Cypriot Youth
Despoina Iosif
, Myria Ioannou, Artemis Theofanous, Patrisia Nikolaou ,Maria Karekla

Using Strengths Based Assessments to Strengthen Children
Robert Martin

An exploration of the academic identity formation of highly able and able underachievers
Vassiliki Beloyianni
, Dimitrios Zbainos

High Ability Students: qualitative and quantitative data from the Laboratory for Development of Creativity, Department of Psychology, University of Athens
Vasiliki Nikolopoulou
, Aikaterini Gari

Evaluating positive and negative emotions in hospital school experience in a sample of children recovered at Meyer Hospital
Enrica Ciucci
, Lucrezia Tomberli, Andrea Smorti, Laura Vagnoli, Elena Amore, Francesca Maffei

"Believe, then Behave" Adaptation of the Belief About Behaviors Scale (BABS) for Chinese Schools: A Validation and Generalizability Study
Yanchen Zhang, Jingyi Yang, Xu Jiang, Clayton Cook

The Use of Automated Approaches to Scoring Written Expression of Elementary Students
Michael Matta
, Milena Keller-Margulis, Sterett Mercer

Adaptation and Validation of a Chinese Version of the Bullying, Harassment, and Aggression Receipt Measure (BullyHARM)
Sayward Harrison, Jingyi Yang, Dexin Shi,Zhi Ye, Lihua Chen, William Hall

Gender, Age, and Time Invariance of the Child and Adolescent Mindfulness Measure (CAMM) and Psychometric properties: Three Greek-speaking youth samples
Artemis Theofanous
, Myria Ioannou, Marianna Zacharia, Stelios Georgiou, Maria Karekla


POSTER SESSION 2: Consultation, Interventions, Supporting schools, and Crisis response

The relationship between motivation for learning and career decision-making among junior college students
Hiroko Morita

What are we missing to close the achievement and opportunity gap: New Model for Change
Chynna McCall

Comprehension and Learning from Multiple Texts: The Influence of Reading Goals and Argument Type
Maria Eleni Alexiadou,
Sylvia Maria Savvidou, Irene-Anna Diakidoy

Does the Public Space Standard follow a U-shaped development among elementary to university students?
Aya Fujisawa

Implementation of organizational consultation: Engagement of a school psychologist as an internal consultee
Fumiyo Araki

Implementing school-wide positive behavior support with fidelity
Eliza Theofanous, Charalambos Vrasidas, Militsa Nikiforou, Vicky Charalambous

Considerations for Consultation Professional Development During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Cynthia Hazel
, Kim Bowers, Rosie Levenson, Grace Ritchie

Japanese and Indian teachers' educational guidance of inclusive education in regular classes and teacher efficacy
Michiko Ishikawa
, Miyuki Matsumoto

"One morning there was a knock on my door": Teachers coping with the death of a student
Inbar Levkovich

Strengthening Executive Function and Self-regulation through teacher - student-interaction in Pre School and primary school Children: A systematic review
Jolien Dewandeleer, Mariëtte Huizinga, Simona Sankalaite, Nicky de Vries, Dieter Baeyens

Is it worth the effort?  Teachers’ decisions regarding partnering with parents of children with an emotional/behavioural disorder
Rob McGarva

The link between giftedness and academic performance in the perspective of teachers
Jurga Misiuniene
, Gabrlele Chmieliauskaite

Positive teacher interactions as protective factors against cognitive disengagement after bullying experiences
Stella Theocharous
, Panayiotis Stavrinides, Myria Ioannou

Supporting Primary School Teachers in the reopening process during the Covid-19 pandemic - Creating resilient schools
Polina Themistokleous
, Anna Arailoudi

A Qualitative Case-study of a child with Selective Mutism: Working with School and Family
Chrystalla Mazeri, Eleni Nikolaou

Using Soft Systems Methods for consultation in ‘Messy Problem Situations’: Promoting Cultural Sensitivity in Schools
Sharone Maital

Best Practices in Virtual Learning for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Sydney R. Braeunig,
Catherine A. Best

School crisis intervention in Japan (1): The teachers’ usage of psychologists’ support during school crises
Yuki Kubota
, Takanori Hiwatashi

School crisis intervention in Japan (2): Students’ experience during school crises
Takanori Hiwatashi
,  Yuki Kubota

Migration, Traumas, and Troubles in Paradise: A Case Study of Psychological Resilience and Recovery in Puerto Rican Schools
Frances Boulon, Deborah Stiles, Elizabeth Carll

Homeschooling, Civics and Socialization: The Case of Israel
Shiri Pearlman-Avnion
, Mor Grayevsky

Reciprocal Student-Teacher Feedback on Cooperation
Jan-Erik Schmidt

The enhancement of emotion regulation skills in adolescents: a feasibility study in a naturalistic school setting
Christiana Theodorou
, Georgia Panayiotou

Positive Education Program with teachers and students in a multicultural high school
Dalia Alony

Attentional and physiological maintenance mechanisms of internalizing symptomatology in college students
Antonis Papantoniou
, Georgia Panayiotou, Maria Panteli, Potheini Vaiouli

The effect of video self-monitoring package on increasing on-task behavior in high school students with severe intellectual disabilities
Ken Ota

Do Race and Gender Matter?: Examining Adolescent Outcomes Following Depression Treatment
Myesha Morgan
, Kathy Bradley-Klug, Joshua Nadeau, John Ferron

Supporting highly able adolescent underachievers through learning mentoring: An action research study
Vassiliki Beloyianni

Integration of Virtual Reality Technology in an Intervention Program for Children with Attention Deficits
Iouliani Pachiti
, Panagiota Dimitropoulou

Intergenerational transmission of autism spectrum conditions in the context of communication between teachers and parents of children with ASD
Początek, Bartosz Michno, Emilia Macałka, Magdalena Piekarczyk

Social representations of migration in educational system. The role of contact through co-operating learning method in reducing prejudice
Eleni Papachristou

Examination of junior high school to high school transitional support provided by school counsellors
Masako Sugizaki
, Junko Iida


POSTER SESSION 3: Prevention and Screening

A school-based online forum for elementary-school children to cope with worries –  a model of mass psychological support
Avivit Dolev
, Sarit Alkalay

The role of descriptive and injunctive drinking norms of proximal and distal peers in adolescent alcohol use
Karina Kravčenko, Laura Šeibokaitė, Monika Motužė

Body image inflexibility and emotion regulation as moderators between weight concerns and eating disorders in Cypriot University students
Nuno Ferreira,
Maria Koushiou,Eleni Iasonidou,Alexandros Kapatais,Marios Adonis

Eating Disorders among middle-school students: the role of Psychological Inflexibility and Self-Esteem
Maria Koushiou
, Anthi Loutsiou, Maria Karekla

Psychosocial factors associated with the use of electronic cigarettes in Cyprus
Andronikos Strouthou,
Ioannis Almas, Angelos Kassianos, Maria Karekla

Japanese teachers’ experience, difficulties, and needs for developing an anti-bullying training program
Junko Iida
, Hiroko Endo, Kie Sugimoto, Ikuko Aoyama

Can bullying attitudes be predicted? Which factors are more important: individual, environmental or both?
Fani Rossidou,
Panayiotis Stavrinides, Myria Ioannou, Maria Petridou

How emotional intelligence affects cyberbullying through Facebook
Andri Eleftheriou
, Myria Ioannou, Panayiotis Stavrinides, Stelios Georgiou

Μoderated – Mediation Models: Parental Bonding, Victimization, and Temperament in Child Internalized Symptoms
Louiza Ioannidou

Insecurity in the Marital Attachment and Child Adjustment Difficulties: The Mediating Role of Coparenting
Emmanouela Milaki

Peer tutoring and reading: A focus group study with primary school teachers
Sergio Di Sano,
Marianna Larocca

Emotion Regulation and Emotional Reactivity of Children Involved in Bullying and Victimization
Emmanouela Milaki
, Chrysanthi Leonidou, Kostas Fanti, Georgia Panayiotou, Chrysostomos Lazarou

Understanding School Approaches to Identifying and Supporting Student Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Needs
Sandra Chafouleas,
Betsy McCoach, Amy Briesch, Jennifer Dineen

Psychological distress, anxiety and depression in higher education students: Results from the UNIC Mental Health Screening Days 2019
Maria Koushiou,
Eleni Iasonidou, Nuno Ferreira, Marios Adonis

Applicability of the intolerance of uncertainty model to Generalized Anxiety Disorder symptoms in young people
Nuno Ferreira
, Jill Cossar, Robert Watts

Understanding the role of emotion regulation in the relationship between neuroticism and affective psychopathological symptoms
Evridiki Papapanagiotou
, Georgia Panayiotou, Maria Panteli, Potheini Vaiouli

An Examination of the Relationship Between Childhood Peer Victimization and Disordered Eating (Binge/purging) in Emerging Adulthood
Kyriaki Hadjixeni,
Maria Markou, Panayiotis Stavrinides

An Examination of the Relationship Between Childhood Peer Victimization and Disordered Eating ( Restraint Eating ) in Emerging Adulthood
Andrea Demetriou


POSTER SESSION 4: Wellness and Mental health promotion

Conversations about Race, the Elephant in the School
Ronda Goodale
, Elana Wolkoff, Gemima StLouis

Effectiveness of a Classroom-based Anger Management Program for Elementary School Children
Akiko Terasaka
, Naoko Inada, Yoshiyuki Shimoda, Shingo Yotsutsuji

Deconstructing Bullying Roles: A Longitudinal Latent Profile Analysis of Bullying Role Behaviors for Students in Grades 4 through 12
Michelle Demaray
, Christine Malecki, Ji Hoon Ryoo, Kelly Summers

Interdisciplinary Psychosocial Support for Refugee Families and Children
Eirini Adamopoulou

Supporting Teachers’ in Addressing Disability Stigma in the Classroom
Rachel Salinger

Relations Between Executive Function Difficulties in Children with ADHD, Parenting Stress, and Parenting Behaviors in Chinese Parents
Kathy Shum
, Cecilia Lam, Iris Lam, Cythia Lok, Jacqueline Tang, Que Zheng, Guinevere Sophia Chak, Kathy Kei

Parameters of psychological trauma and their distinct and concurrent relationships to the development of adolescent resilience
Elena Frixou
, Myria Ioannou

An Endeavor for the Early-Stage Detection and Early-Stage Support of Developmental Disorder Tendencies Towards Children with Nocturnal Enuresis
Setsuko Tamura
, Toshinori Ishikuma

Migrant Families and Community Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents
Evdokia Lagakou
, Zacharias Kalogerakis, Maria Artsanou, Maria Vlassopoulos, Eleni Lazaratou

Family resilience: moderating the relationship between psychological trauma and individual adolescent resilience?
Styliani Stavrou
, Stelios N. Georgiou, Panayiotis Stavrinides, Myria Ioannou

Examining short-term longitudinal relations between experiential avoidance, depressive symptoms and positive affect in school among Japanese junior high school students
Kenichiro Ishizu
, Yoshiyuki Shimoda, Tomu Ohtuski

Understanding the relationship between social anxiety & emotion regulation in college students
Chrystalleni Michael,
Georgia Panayiotou, Maria Panteli, Potheini Vaiouli

How implicit and explicit use of avoidance influences emotional face processing in college students?
Savvia Michael
, Georgia Panayiotou, Potheini Vaiouli, Maria Panteli, Georgia Panayiotou, Potheini Vaiouli, Maria Panteli

Anxiety and life satisfaction of Greek children and adolescents
Olga Kofa,
Alexandros-Stamatios Antoniou, Fotini Polychroni

Specificity of teachers’ psychological stress under the conditions of distant teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic: case of Russia
Anastasia Petrakova, Tatjana Kanonire, Alena Kulikova, Ekaterina Orel

Online learning effects on Japanese undergraduates’ depression during COVID-19: A web-based longitudinal survey
Mayuko Matsumoto

The longitudinal relationship between math anxiety and math achievement in children from first to third grade
Monika Szczygieł

Differential effects of the Good Behaviour Game on pupils’ school functioning: Cumulative risk exposure as a moderator of intervention outcomes
Emma Ashworth

Whole Child, School, and Community: Resources to Strengthen Integrated Health and Learning Supports in Schools
Sandra Chafouleas,
Jennifer Dineen, Taylor Koriakin, Emily Iovino, Marlene Schwartz

Student-Teacher Relationships and Children’s Early Learning Behaviors
Hannah Kerby
, Rachel Schumacher, Susan Sheridan, Renata Trefiglio Mendes Gomes, Abril Rangel-Pacheco

Life Skills and adolescent development: The important role of the family and the school
Maria Symeou,
Herve Morin, Alexandros Lordos, Andrii Dryga, Kostas Fanti, Marian Machlouzarides, Alexander Guest, Oksana Lemishka, Georgia Christou

European Federation of Psychologists Association (EFPA)’s Board of Promotion and Prevention: What has been done so far and future initiatives
Panagiota Dimitropoulou

From intervention to prevention: new challenges in promoting children's rights and well-being for French School Psychologists
Laurent Chazelas, Mélaine Descamps,Nathalie Gilmant, Véronique le Mezec

The Resilient Southeast Asian American Adolescent
Kim Dieu

The Integrated Mental Health Supports School/Clinical Psychology Internship Program at JUHSD
Sally Payson Hays

From students’ life aspirations to academic performance and wellbeing: mediating role of achievement goal orientations
Saulė Raižienė
, Aldona Augustinienė, Rasa Erentaitė, Rimantas Vosylis, Berita Simonaitienė

Role of schools and educational institutions in promoting wellness and mental health and preventing conflicts, intolerance and acts of terrorism
Habib Rabbani

Development of thinking and relationships through a peer support program in Japanese University and Junior College
Akiyuki Nagai


POSTER SESSION 5: Professional Issues and Training

Weekly self- reflection diaries and preschool teachers
Angeliki Kokkosi
, Maria Poulou

Handling cases of Child Sexual Abuse: role of School Psychology. How the model works in Cyprus?
Christina Ioannou
, Polina Themistocleous

A Literature Review of Teachers’ Help-seeking: Comparison in Japan and Foreign Countries
Makiko Sakai
, Mariko Matsumoto

Supervision of Psychologists in Vocational Education in Greece: Initial Experience
Evdokia Lagakou
, George Youkakis, Anna Lambidi, Pepi Belecou, Revekka Galiatsatou, Maria Nikolaou, Anna Papagianni, Mina Polemi-Todoulou ,Nena Vlassa

The DICOSP research project – winner of the International Initiatives Committee (IIC) SSSP/ISPA Grant Award 2020
Marianne Kant-Schaps
, Christoph Steinebach

Scope of school psychological practice in Germany
Alexa von Hagen
, Anna Sedlak, Joanna Wegerer, Gerhard Büttner, Bettina Müller, Natalie Vannini, Stephan Jeck, Marion Müller-Staske, Bettina Müller, Gerhard Bachmann, Natalie Vannini

Effect of a Classroom Management Training on Preservice Teachers’ Efficacy: A Small Group Randomized Controlled Trial
Akiko Terasaka

Integrating Practical Psychology Methods Aimed at Setting Success Mindset for Students with Academic Problems
Ekaterina Sokolova
, Svetlana Kozlova, Anjella Nebaeva

School Psychologists training in applied approaches for the construction of inclusive schools in Portugal: Process Description
Marisa Carvalho
, Cristina Martins, Diana Alves, Elisabete Marques, Helena Azevedo ,Joana Cruz, Marisa Fonseca, Nuna Tormenta, Rosário Serrão Cunha, Sofia Ramalho, Teresa Jesus

School psychologists training in Portugal: Trainers’ perspectives
Marisa Carvalho
, Cristina Martins, Diana Alves, Elisabete Marques, Helena Azevedo ,Joana Cruz, Marisa Fonseca, Nuna Tormenta, Rosário Serrão Cunha, Sofia Ramalho, Teresa Jesus



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