Workshop 5

Date: 17 Jul, 2021
Time: 10:00 (CEST+1, UTC+3, GMT+3)

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Workshop Title: How to be Confident, Competent and Calm during a Crisis at School: Overview over Basic Strategies and Tools


Dr. Jan-Erik Schmidt – Board Member of the European School Psychology Centre for Training (ESPCT)

Odeth Bloemberg – Board Member of the European School Psychology Centre for Training (ESPCT)

Workshop Description: There is a growing expectation on the school staff in schools to be ready to lead the response to crises in schools today. It seems to be very important for all those who respond to be competent, confident, and calm

Severe violence, threats or death in the context of schools demands special knowledge and techniques applied by school-psychologists.

During the workshop the most important strategies of psychological support for schools in case of a crisis are presented. 

A demonstration of special communication techniques and tools for the analysis of first steps will provide you with ideas what to do in case you have to respond to a tragic event in the context of school.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Get an idea how to prepare caregivers for a crisis
  2. Get an idea how to guide schools through the process of recovery after a crisis
  3. Get an idea how to focus on relevant information after a crisis at school
  4. Get to know strategies to take care of your own health during a crisis response

Brief Bios:

Odeth Bloemberg – van den Bekerom studied psychology at the Tilburg University and pedagogics (science of teaching) at the Free University in Amsterdam. She is working as a School Psychologist for a school board consisting of 25 special needs schools for children with mental and physical disabilities and psychiatric problems. Odeth is Program Co-chair of the Postmaster School Psychology Program in Nijmegen. She also works as trainer for ESPCT, a training center originated from ISPA. She is board member of ESPCT and secretary of ISPA. Her special interest areas are special educational needs, crisis response, trauma and safe schools. She is registered as a child & youth psychologist and EMDR practitioner.

Dr. Jan-Erik Schmidt studied Psychology in Tuebingen, Germany. He worked in a residential youth home, in a family-counseling-center and he is school-psychologist since 2008. He is a registered solution-focused family-therapist and coordinator of the local crisis-intervention-team. Since 2013 Jan-Erik Schmidt is Board member of the European School Psychology Center for Training (ESPCT) and trainer for Crisis Intervention in Schools. His areas of interest are the cooperation of professionals in educational institutions and the cooperation between students and adults in educational settings.


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