Workshop 9


Workshop Title: Counselling for Adaptive Functioning: Concepts, Principles and Processes to Coach Teenagers to Change


Terence V. Bowles, PhD., PGD Adol & Child Psych., BA., B. Ed., Associate Professor, Postgraduate Programs in Educational Psychology, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne (AUS).

Workshop description:

This is an introductory workshop focused on the underlying principles of adaptive functioning. Assisting adolescence to become more flexible and adaptive generates greater opportunity for choice and self-regulation. The concepts, principles and processes of the transtheoretical approach to adaptive coaching and how to use them will be provided. A case study approach will be used to illustrate and investigate adolescence readiness to change and facilitate adaptability.

Learning objectives

Participants in this workshop will

  1. Gain an understanding of the principles of changing through the model and questionnaire
  2. Gain a preliminary understanding of the principles of coaching in therapy
  3. Explore the eight factors that need to be present for optimal change in psychological practice
  4. Engage in an in-depth investigation of an existing adolescent client and how to hold them while assisting them to adapt
  5. Practice interpreting profiles and identifying interventions relevant to low scores on specific factors
  6. Practice incorporating the vocabulary of change into their own therapeutic language

Brief Biography:

Terence Bowles is an Associate Professor in Educational Psychology in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne. He was a teacher before beginning a career as a registered practitioner in Educational, Developmental and Clinical Psychologist. He has practiced in secondary schools followed by a career as a private practitioner. At the completion of his PhD he began a career as an academic. He is the author of over 50 peer reviewed papers. His university teaching and research programs focus on clinical and normal functioning, motivation, achievement, communication and relationships. He has published on change management, adaptive functioning, social and emotional learning, time orientation and affect, consultation, giftedness, talent and talent development.

He has previously been the Chairperson of the College of Educational and Developmental Psychology of the Australian Psychological Society and is the immediate past President of the Australian Guidance and counselling Association. He is currently the treasurer of the International School Psychology Association.


+357 22 591 900